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Game Distance
Length 46:42
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Feb 22, 2015
“Why am I having fear in a racing game?” — Woolie
“Why am I having more emotions than in a David Cage game?” — Matt

Distance is a Super Best Friends Drift episode in which Matt and Woolie boost their way through the first ever horror-racing game as they avoid Iori walls, outrun Shodan's ghost files, make their car break dance, and try to hide in the safety of loading screens.

About Edit

Can we go the?
— Video description

Quotes Edit

We're really starting to break that early access rule fast and hard these days.
— Woolie
I'm not gonna say anything, but I'm gonna say some things. Distance may be the most hype fucking racing game I'm ever seen.
— Matt
Lasers and buzz saws and walls with frowny faces.
— Woolie
You flew too close to the sun, Icarus car.
— Matt
Shodan: Hacking All Afternoon.
— Matt
— Woolie
Why am I having fear in a racing game?
— Woolie
Why am I having more emotions than in a David Cage game?
— Matt
What happens at the end? Does this car get the Behelit?
— Matt
So you thought this was a racing game but it turned out it's Star Fox!
— Woolie
Barely a racing game. It's a character action game.
— Matt
This video's gonna keep going whether you guys are watching or not.
— Woolie

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