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Dogchild Title
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Game Dogchild
Length 17:27
Controller Liam
Upload Date Apr 11, 2016
“This game is some hippie bullshit. I won't tolerate hippie bullshit.” — Liam

Dogchild is a one-off episode that features Matt and Liam reallocating money from Shenmue 3 into a more lucrative game franchise, putting bug testers to shame, reading the worlds saddest diary, and digging for meatballs.

About Edit

— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

Sony put money into this game? I had a joke but I'm baffled.
— Liam
They took money away from Shenmue just to put it in this.
— Matt
I am out of world now.
— Liam
That is four minutes into our recording and you have already found a way out of world.
— Matt
Surely you will find the dead child.
— Matt
I hope you guys are enjoying, 'Checkpointing: The Game'.
— Liam
We need to fight our Vergil, Catadult.
— Matt
This game is some hippie bullshit. I won't tolerate hippie bullshit.
— Liam
This should be called 'Bugchild'.
— Liam
Nuclear Tarpac detected.
— Matt
He got me with his non-lethal Batgun.
— Liam


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