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Dong Dong Never Die

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Game Dong Dong Never Die
Upload Date Oct 9, 2015
Length 1:12:07
Previous Enter The Matrix
Next Street Fighter X Tekken
“I wouldn't say it's tight. I'd say it's not loose. At the very least, it's dangling.” — Matt

Dong Dong Never Die is the eighteenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, and Woolie play the latest in China's hit fighting game franchise as they answer their codecs, combo everything into everything, encounter Chinese Banksy and Mario, and get treated to a preview of Streets of Rage 4.

About Edit

Little did we know, it's all been leading up to this!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

King of Fighters XIV starts now!
— Woolie
This has better graphics.
— Matt
This is not the bottom of the barrel. There is so much more to the barrel.
— Woolie
It's tighter than it should be.
— Woolie
Despite being the fakest video game we've ever played on this show, this looks like a real video game.
— Pat
I wouldn't say it's tight. I'd say it's not loose. At the very least, it's dangling.
— Matt
Oh shit! What sprite was that ripped off of?
— Matt
I'm literally a character from Street Fighter: The Movie.
— Matt
Y'know, wrenches. Famous for their use in soccer games.
— Matt
Where is the Street Fighter player's guide to Dong Dong Never Die?
— Woolie
You can Dong Dong, but you can never die.
— Pat


Matt 4/4
Pat 4/4
Woolie 4/4
Liam Not Present


  • Liam was not present for this episode of Scrublords because he was waiting for a plumber to come fix his lack of running water. This is the first episode to not have him in it and the first to not have all four members of the Zaibatsu present.

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