This is an extended page of the Donkey Kong Country "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Pat didn't have a childhood. We did. Come with us as we go on an adventure in Donkey Kong Island!
— Part one
Matt and Woolie explore the bullshit mine section of DK Island which is unsurprisingly full of bullshit.
— Part two
The beautiful serene pine forests of DK Isle await us! Wait, how can one island support like 21 different ecosystems? What a crock of shit.
— Part three
The nightmare begins as Matt and Woolie trek deeper and deeper into the hellish maw known as Gorilla Glacier.
— Part four
Fuck Kemcroc industries and forcing young chimps to build iPhone 5's for pennies a day.
— Part five
I didn't remember there was a sixth world. Fucking hell man! But the final showdown is now upon us!
— Part six Finale

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