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Doom (2016)

Doom 2016 Title
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Game Doom
Length 35:42
Controller Matt
Upload Date May 31, 2016
“Oh no. I turned you into a pizza topping.” — Pat
“Rest in pepperonis.” — Matt

Doom 2016 is a one-off episode that features Matt and Pat ripping and tearing through the guts of hell in their battle to collect BJ Guys, fight off the encroaching Gears horde, venture into the poorly remade past, and collect their mystical uzis from Heaven.

About Edit

"In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him..."Zach"
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

There should be a naked mode. Nude mode. Nude codes for Doom.
— Matt
It must be hell.
— Pat
Hell or Detroit.
— Matt
Cause the great thing about this game is that it's pretty dumb as well. In like that great Best Friends way of, "This is dumb. I'm gonna subscribe to this channel.".
— Matt
I'd go for BJ Guy but that sounds pretty weird.
— Matt
Go away, Gears of War.
— Matt
Get out of here. Go back to Microsoft where you can be overused.
— Pat
Oh no. I turned you into a pizza topping.
— Pat
Rest in pepperonis.
— Matt
Why did we let the humans get guns? This is the strongest equalizer Hell has ever seen.
— Pat
I love in the description for the Revenant it's like, 'He's a fucking skeleton.'.
— Matt
The guy from Painkiller lost to that car accident right away.
— Pat
Go deep inside DJames' asshole!
— Matt


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