The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt

Double Dragon

Double Dragon Box Art
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Length 43:41
Upload Date Apr 17, 2016
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“In any case, we're both still disappointments to our parents.” — Woolie

Double Dragon is a The Box Art Critique With Woolie & Matt episode in which Matt and Woolie discuss the art quality of everything Double Dragon from the hot shit to the cold diarrhea.

About Edit

Put on your black-frame glasses, and let's get artsy fartsy with Woolie and Matt! Where are they aiming their discerning art eye at first? Double Dragon!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

So I represent the commercial side of things.
— Woolie
You sold out.
— Matt
And you went for the 'I'm gonna put a garbage bag and put my name tag on it'.
— Woolie
I got a good grade on that, I'll let you know.
— Matt
In any case, we're both still disappointments to our parents.
— Woolie
Maybe it's like a human centipede dragon-chan.
— Matt
he also seems to be trying to intimidate his brother by replacing his bicep with a loaf of bread. Fresh from the oven.
— Woolie
This is the NES version, so there was no co-op, so this box art's a lie.
— Matt
This implies Hammer always hammers and pounds Spike's nails.
— Matt
So many balled up Kleenexes after I looked at this box art when I was a wee lad.
— Matt
It's not an ass that won't quit. This ass is gonna check out at five 'o clock.
— Woolie
If you just exchange Billy and Jimmy and put Zubaz on there, it just looks automatically better.
— Matt


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