Friday Night Fisticuffs

Double Dragon / Rage of the Dragons

Rage of the Double Dragon
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Game Double Dragon, Rage of the Dragons
Upload Date Oct 10, 2014
Length 1:07:26
Previous Rival Schools United By Fate
Next Tech Romancer / Cyberbots
“When you die I'm gonna piss on your grave the words, Rising Tackle sucks.” — Pat

Double Dragon / Rage of the Dragons is the twenty-seventh episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam fight as Jimmy and the Iron Chef, unleash their 80's power, use next level misogyny tech, and literally get swole. Then they finish off the night by saving Marian's corpse, make a tier list of the Double Dragon fighting games, and discuss their burial arrangements.

About Edit

We punch and kick our way with Bimmy and Jammy to try and save Marian! Wait, Marian's alive in both these games? Umm...okay...well, RED BLAZEEEE!
— Website description


It's a Japanese company saying, "Okay, we have the rights to make a game based on the movie, but when we looked at the movie, it's fucking utter shit."
— Matt
When I grow up, and I wanna do a move, I want a gigantic energy silhouette around it of, like, an animal. Like Zach.
— Matt
I'm not up to date on my 90's family sitcoms.
— Pat
Then why are you on the team?
— Matt
Because Rising Tackle sucks, and all his moves are shit.
— Pat
And now we're moving off of the topic because nobody else has anything to say about it.
— Woolie
In a world where both moves are safe, no one's safe.
— Matt
It was done by Frank Miller when he was shooting muskets in World War II.
— Pat
The Double Dragon license is super confusing because everyone and no one has it at the same time.
— Woolie
If his dick fell into my mouth, y'know maybe, maybe I'd let it go.
— Liam
You have to butter up your Pupa.
— Matt
Pass it off to Liam. Have Liam fight Liam.
— Matt
You make fun of us, you make fun of Skullgirls.
— Woolie
Don't get caught in the rhythm of Matt's fan fictions.
— Liam
When you die I'm gonna piss on your grave the words, Rising Tackle sucks.
— Pat
I love the idea that you think I'm gonna die before you.
— Matt
That's the reaction I want when people visit my grave of, "Ooh you mother... Still! Still, you're dead and you're pissing me off!"
— Pat
He flipped a table, he shat on the floor. He was so angry.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode Matt talks about his game design document for Savage Streets, supposedly a fighter with characters named Sean Coyote, Raven McKay, Jesse Hunter and Kyle Hunter. The other Zaibatsu members like these as names for characters, but Matt refuses to believe that they are being sincere. Matt also explains that he designed one special move for Raven McKay; a DDT that could be performed on the ground or on top of a car.

Wins/Losses Edit

Double Dragon

Matt 2/4
Pat 6/2
Woolie 5/3
Liam 1/5

Rage of the Dragons

Matt 5/2
Pat 2/4
Woolie 4/3
Liam 2/4

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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