Super Best Friends Double Dragon Week

Double Dragon III

Double Dragon 3 Title
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Game Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone
Length 26:27
Upload Date Feb 13, 2014
Controller Matt and Woolie, Pat and Woolie, Matt and Pat
Next Return of Double Dragon
“I watched Ninja Scroll, I know how to do this.” — Woolie

Double Dragon III is the first episode in the Double Dragon Week series. In this video, Matt Pat, and Woolie start Double Dragon Week of strong by playing the objectively worst Double Dragon game ever and it's "better" arcade counter-part.


Join us as we kick, jump and punch the entire world on our pointless quest to collect some sacred mystical bullshit something-er-rather!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

My only question at the end of the day is, how sacred are these stones?
— Woolie
I'm blue.
— Matt
I'm Bimmy.
— Woolie
I'm luckily not playing.
— Pat
And remember, only trust your fists. Police will never help you.
— Woolie
You hit me with that bottle and I disappeared.
— Pat
Abobo's not in this? Then fuck this game.
— Pat
The music stopped.
— Matt
Yeah, sometimes they do that. The music needs a break too.
— Woolie
I watched Ninja Scroll, I know how to do this.
— Woolie
Watch out for the glory holes!
— Matt
Oh no, but they're spear holes. They're glory spears.
— Woolie
I'm gonna be a firm wet blanket this whole week.
— Pat
— Matt
Didn't plan for that.
— Woolie

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