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Double Dragon Neon is RADICAL!

Double Dragon Neon is Awesome!
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Game Double Dragon Neon
Length 9:16
Date Sep 15, 2012
Next Double Dragon Neon
“It's like they modelled this entire game on my life.” — Matt

Double Dragon Neon is RADICAL! is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie go back in time and beat the shit out of dudes to save their prostitute.

About Edit

Matt and Woolie get inside a Delorean to 1985 to rock out with Bimmy and Jimmy Lee!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

No! I need that prostitute....
— Matt
Where are you going with me ass? Bring my ass back to me.
— Woolie
When I think about it, the eighties were all about fiery dragon stands.
— Matt
Steel some random ho off the streets, get a fucking fire dragon in your ass.
— Woolie
It's like they modelled this entire game on my life.
— Matt
— Matt and Woolie
This place is like Australia. 'Cause everything kills you.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • "Bimmy and Jimmy" is a reference to the NES game Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones, infamous for the aforementioned typo in the beginning of the game.
  • The outro music is "One Inch Punch" by Jake Kaufman, from the Double Dragon Neon soundtrack.
  • The video was orginally titled, "Double Dragon Neon is AWESOME!," but was changed due to unknown reasons.

Gallery Edit

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