Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls

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Game Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls
Length 17:02
Upload Date Aug 4, 2012
Winner Matt
Next Kabuki Warriors
“That was the hypest, worst thing ever!” — Matt

Scrublords - Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls is a Scrublords episode that has Matt and Woolie beginning the tournament with a game they've both rented once and Matt thinks they probably rented the same copy, as only hardcore Double Dragon fans would ever want to rent this mess. Matt's "dirty psycho crusher shit", dragon spin and finally tongue deflecting sword were too much for Woolie as he wins the opener of the series.

Video Description Edit

The Scrublords tournament begins now! This is the year where we make contact! Woolie vs Matt in one of the most technical fighting games ever released...
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Dude... that shit's banned.
— Woolie
Blade wins with his popsicle sticks attached to his wrists.
— Matt
L.. look at those whores.
— Woolie
That's a prostitute worth your money.
— Matt
Look at all the kamasutra poses on the wall! What the fuck is happening in that one?!
— Matt
The sexnasium of a stage.
— Woolie
This game is everything that was written on the doodle books of Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane, isn't it?
— Matt
Yo, I'm gonna lick you.
— Woolie
Turn off special moves he said. It will would be fun he said.
— Matt mocking Woolie

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