Mystery Box #019

Drakan: The Ancient's Gates

Drakan Title
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Game Drakan: The Ancient's Gates
Length 28:31
Upload Date Jul 26, 2015
Controller Matt
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #018
Next Mystery Box - Episode #020
“Woolie, you placed a bear trap but didn't realize you were in a larger bear trap.” — Liam

Maximum Chase the nineteenth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Liam reveal an elaborate scheme to make Woolie believe that he had a great idea for a video but in actuality, he was just a pawn in someone else's sick game.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

This is the sequel to a PC game I played a shit ton of and this is probably a piece of shit.
— Woolie
Woolie, you placed a bear trap but didn't realize you were in a larger bear trap.
— Liam
Woolie bought two games. Couldn't stop him, too strong. He might use the other so be cautious.
— Liam reading texts
See, you think you chose to quit, but actually, Pat set it up so Matt would pick this game so I would trick you into getting this game and then we edited the Wikipedia page so that Psygnosis wasn't the developer so you would choose to quit.
— Liam
We all have to start pitting each other against each other in increasingly petty ways.
— Pat
Remember when Liam betrayed everybody at the end of The Order?
— Woolie
Remember when I used the Behelit like that.
— Liam
None of us had lanterns so we called it the dark wars.
— Matt
I need more XP from killing Irishmen.
— Matt
So Liam, what was it like when you sold out the rebels to Darth Vader?
— Woolie
Well I was on the winning side.
— Liam
Ranged weapons are good when you've got big tits.
— Pat
The volcanoes of cool temperatures. They're more dangerous than you think.
— Matt
Yeah Woolie, they were inquisitioning everyone in World War One with their muskets.
— Pat

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