Draw or Die

Draw or Die
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Episode 2
Length 11:08
Date Aug 19, 2012
Previous Escort Service
Next First Person Stupidity
“I explored it, I didn't fall into it.” — Matt

Draw or Die is the second episode of Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures, a series animated by 2Snacks and written by Matt and Pat.

About Edit

The dynamic duo of dumbery stumble upon some crazy portal which sets them on an adventure that's epic in scope, and rife with fighting/battling.
— Video description


Matt begins looking through his old games with cool boxart in a cardboard box labelled "PORN". He falls into the box and Pat follows him because he has nothing better to do. They travel through a portal riddled with boos, thwomps, and cuccos and go in the mouth of the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

They land in front of a door that's looks "evil as hell". Through the door is the "Chapel of Badass Boxart". They observe game boxarts from various generations of gaming. After disagreements over the boxart of Ico, Matt and Pat begin to brawl it out. When they cool down after their fight, Pat starts to actually like the place until a Mummy Lobster comes and chases them away.

Quotes Edit

You're not building a fort are you?
— Pat
No, no. Too many people died last time.
— Matt
A knife means... murder.
— Matt
No, I explored it, I didn't fall into it.
— Matt
There could be anything, just mummified lobsters all over the place!
— Pat
You're the worst example.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • In the video description for the next episode, First Person Stupidity, this episode is incorrectly referred to as "Read or Die".

Gallery Edit

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