Shitstorm 2: The Shittening


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Game Dreadout
Controller Pat
Length 26:27
Next Curse The Eye of Isis
Previous Anna
“So just take a minute and sit right there, I'll tell you how I got killed by ghosts in Indonesia by... with young girls.” — Pat

Dreadout is the fifth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 2: The Shittening special.

About Edit

The Best Friends go to Indonesia, to see what weird horror they gots, and try not to end up in jail.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat head to Indonesia to investigate their ghosts. Whilst there, they oppose the Indonesian gods, follow Liam bait, go into the light, ward off ghost bugs, get pantsu shots of horrible monsters, and fail at candle puzzles.

Quotes Edit

Overwrite the Dickbutt.
— Pat
The cellphone obscura.
— Matt
Jesus can't help you against the Indonesian gods!
— Matt
So just take a minute and sight right there, I'll tell you how I got killed by ghosts in Indonesia by... with young girls.
— Pat
Asian toilets are the worst, because I don't understand them.
— Matt
They're filled to burst with shit, and the seams are bursting.
— Pat
I'm the lightning in the storm
— Matt
Yo Indonesia, why you so raw?
— Pat
Maybe the Chozo gives us an upgrade to our camera.
— Matt
Indonesian horror is fucked!
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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