SBFC 026

Drenched in Liam Milk

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Length 2:36:25
Date February 4, 2014
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“The sea is basically the sky of the ground.” — Pat

SBFC 026: Drenched in Liam Milk is the twenty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


Xbone leaks, Xbone leaks EVERYWHERE. We cover the rumor mill and discuss dead game studios like Dontnod, dead actors like Hoffman, dead franchises like Duke Nukem, ARMCHAIR CEO, and unconventional storytelling methods in gaming.
— Podcast description


Also, video games.
— Woolie
Yeah, Platinum will do anything. They're making Wii U games for fucks sake!
— Pat
My brother and I were on the front lines, making fun of anyone who bought Quarterback Club.
— Pat
The best part of waking up....
— Pat
... is Wayne Gretsky in your cup!
— Matt
Anywhere Kamiya goes, the curse will follow.
— Pat
Wasn't their CEO the bones of Eddie Guerrero?
— Matt
You should give it away to the garbage.
— Pat, to Liam, referring to the Ouya
I used to be the biggest Duke Nukem fan... fifteen years ago!
— Pat
I'm so sad that you can't use such a cool word like Daikatana ever.
— Matt
Your dick is full of shit!
— Woolie
My dick is not a shit musket.
— Pat
You don't know anything aboot us!
— Liam
Let's call him Seaman, fuck it.
— Pat, referring to Simon
You are a giant man-shaped salt shaker.
— Woolie
Let's abolish all copyright law, guys. Let's all go the ocean.
— Pat
The sea is basically the sky of the ground.
— Pat
Just like Optimus Prime woulda done!
— Matt
Good writing will trump any style.
— Pat
I'm lysdexic.
— Woolie
It's crazy how in the head their sand has been.
— Pat
From here on out, a smooth ride into Satan's asshole.
— Woolie

Letter TimeEdit

Q: If you had to be represented by a candy, which would it be? - from Phil and Richard

  • Matt - Three Musketeers
  • Pat - Chocolate Orange
  • Woolie - Mint Aero
  • Liam - Pep

Q: If you had an Up + B attack from Smash, what would it be? - from TC

  • Matt - Freedom Rising / Ropey Stream
  • Pat - The Rising Rubber Fist / Flame Comb-Over
  • Woolie - N/A
  • Liam - Catch A Rising Star

Q: Have you ever felt tired of gaming, and how did you recover? - from an anonymous depressed gamer

  • Matt - N/A
  • Pat - Happens once a year. Recovers when something comes out.
  • Woolie - When Namco X Capcom came out. Recovered with Shadow of The Colossus.
  • Liam - Ignore Steam library. Put beaten games on a new shelf.

Q: What is your tier list of Revengeance boss themes? - from Nick

  • All - Drop down Sundowner, kick up Mistral, and work backwards through the list. Khamsin goes wherever you want him to be.

Q: What's a better Aliens prequel? AvP or Prometheus? If you had to make one canon, which would it be? - from Stewart

  • Matt - 'Alien vs. Predator'

Q: What's your favorite theme that leads up to a climax? - from Tony

  • Matt - N/A
  • Pat - Never remembers music.
  • Woolie - Stairs leading to Ganon in Ocarina of Time'
  • Liam - Any MGS theme

Q: What are some good methods of unique storytelling in games?

  • Matt - Call of Cthulhu optional monologue
  • Pat - Dark Souls lying to you
  • Woolie - Story that's never told in Ikaruga
  • Liam - More story on second playthrough

Q: What are the most egregious examples of companies ignoring fans? - from James

  • Matt - WWE
  • Pat -SEGA not localizing Yakuza 5
  • Woolie - N/A
  • Liam - Nintendo

Q: Have any of you guys been in or seen a sick money match? - from California Pants

  • Matt - Shaq Fu at Magfest.
  • Pat - Clockwork vs. Neo in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Woolie - High Rollers SF4 tournament
  • Liam - N/A

Matt WatchEdit

This week, Matt is stalking the WWE for not listening to their fans, and for blighting Pat.