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Drift Stage

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Game Drift Stage
Length 15:36
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Jan 4, 2015
“But Woolie, I don't know how to drive.” — Pat

Drift Stage is a Super Best Friends Drift episode featuring Pat and Woolie playing a pre-Kickstarter game about cool cars and driving sideways. Woolie challenges Pat to a Top Gear rules challenge in which they each get three laps, two warm-ups and one real try, to get their best time.

About Edit

Woolie the Stig and Pat Talladega go head to head in this quick look at the pre-alpha build of DRIFT STAGE.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Woolie, why the fuck am I in your house?
— Pat
I want to welcome you to Super Best Friends Drift.
— Woolie
Drift? Does this really deserve it's own series?
— Pat
But Woolie, I don't know how to drive.
— Pat
My asshole is playing rock 'n roll you guys!
— Pat
Every once in a while, when you see something like this, where my boner just screams out after seeing those fucking gifs, it's like, I have to fucking get a video of this. I have to show people this exists.
— Woolie
No! Not Michael Vick dog-fighting!
— Woolie
Yeah! With this art style?
— Pat
The girls aren't watching anymore man.
— Woolie


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