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Game Drill Dozer
Length 54:10
Controller Liam
Upload Date Dec 18, 2016
“You can't tell by his profile, but Pat's face is actually the outline of my fist.” — Woolie

Drill Dozer is a one-off episode that features Woolie and Liam try to prove that the Game Boy Advance had good games by implementing their plan to replace everything from utensils to toilet paper with drills and drool over window dithering.

About Edit

THIS DESCRIPTION CONTAINS VIDEO SPOILERS Okay, so the Japanese title is "Screw Breaker Gōshin Drillero (スクリューブレイカー 轟振どりるれろ ", right? We pronounce "Screw" in our bad Japanese as it as "Suh-kuh-roo", but when I checked the logo out later, I realized it's written as "スクリュー" WHICH IS ACTUALLY PRONOUNCED "SUH-KUH-RYUU" AND IS WAY WAY COOLER.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

These big ass text boxes.
— Woolie
They're so big and crunchy.
— Liam
You don't need a bigger drill, you need a stronger drill.
— Woolie
You're not impressed by it?
— Liam
I think it tells me that it's a window...
— Woolie
I'm impressed by it.
— Liam
..and I don't, for a second, not think that it's a window. Good window, Liam.
— Woolie
When the drill finally goes in, the wall gets a face of elation.
— Woolie
Like ahegao?
— Liam
You can't tell by his profile, but Pat's face is actually the outline of my fist.
— Woolie
You can't drill spunk.
— Woolie


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