Mystery Box #020

Duck Game

Mystery Box 20 Title
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Game Duck Game
Length 30:18
Upload Date Sep 6, 2015
Controller Competitive
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #019
Next Mystery Box - Episode #021
“Wait, I'm getting a message from HQ. They're saying 'Hacks.', so...” — BokuNoEruption

Duck Game the twentieth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt, Woolie, Liam, and special guest Boku No Eruption attain the power of Super Ducken 2, kill themselves with rocks, call pre-game controller johns, and

About Edit

It's a Mystery! With Special Friends!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Crawling out of the Ouya pit, Duck Game escapes.
— Liam
It's like Hotline Miami with ducks.
— Matt
Enough Nerf to kill anything that moves.
— Liam
Look at these crazy duck motherfuckers! It's crazy over here!
— Matt
The world isn't ready for DogCon.
— Woolie
Wait, I'm getting a message from HQ. They're saying 'Hacks.', so...
— BokuNoEruption


  • This is the first full guest appearance of BokuNoEruption. He first appeared in a cameo at the start of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2.

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