Two Best Friends Play:

Duke Nukem Forever (Bloopers/Outtakes)

Duke Nukem Bloopers
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Game Duke Nukem Forever
Length 3:46
Upload Date Aug 13, 2011
Controller Pat

For the Machinima episode, see Duke Nukem Forever

“Oh, I can't wait to go home and play this with no pants on.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Duke Nukem Forever (Bloopers/Outtakes) is a bloopers episode in which Matt and Pat come across teleporting doors in walls, wait as the game loads shit, and wonder why they're not in Hollywood shooting strippers.


This game is so terrible. Why did they make it like this?
— Video Description


She almost fucking tripped in the pool, because fucking 3D Realms can't animate for shit!
— Pat
That was really dumb. That was really bad. That was worse than the worst thing.
— Matt
Do you know what this is? This is the Kramer.
— Pat
Oh my god!
— Matt
That joke is so old!
— Pat


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