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Dusk Thumb
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Game Dusk
Length 20:13
Controller Pat, Matt
Upload Date October 30, 2014
“Quake-splosion. Are you copyrighting that?” — Matt

Best Friends Play - Dusk is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat get invited to the Plague family homestead.

About Edit

Don't start quaking in your boots, as your doom is not yet upon you! If you do, you'll be branded a heretic as you rampage through the countryside in the awesome 90's FPS sendup, DUSK!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

This isn't a Shitstorm game. Shut up, nerd!
— Pat
How many games this month have we played where you're basically infiltrating Plague's house?
— Matt
Yeah. Like, five.
— Pat
My sick kill days are long over.
— Pat
Quake-splosion. Are you copyrighting that?
— Matt
This is where the really banned trifusions are draw. The ones that the government doesn't want Plague to do.
— Matt


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