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Dying Light

Dying Light Title
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Game "Dying Light"
Length 59:58
Controller Pat
Upload Date Jan 17, 2015
“We're supposed to do a serious preview of this.” — Pat
“Well they shouldn't have asked us.” — Matt

Dying Light is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat play the press build of a Mirror's Edge zombie game and find themselves shitting on the West Coast, discussing the use of birds to convey scale and getting their faces eaten.


Yo! We're taking a quick, or not so quick look at Dying Light! We can't remember who sent us the code, but thanks!
— Website description


When I was in preschool, one of the first things of course I made, was the throwing star.
— Matt
Wait, you can make throwing stars out of firecrackers? That's not legit. That's not science.
— Matt
They are no threat at all!
— Pat
Cut to you getting super owned.
— Matt
You run like Woolie to Chie.
— Matt
Maybe blue is the color of blossoming love on the battlefield?
— Matt
We're supposed to do a serious preview of this.
— Pat
Well they shouldn't have asked us.
— Matt
Please back up off my dick.
— Matt
I need that for non-zombie related activities.
— Pat
Look at that guy, what a loser. He's fucking dead.
— Matt
Ask your dad for drugs!
— Pat
So after a couple of hours, you figured out how to use the medkits.
— Matt

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