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Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors Scrublords
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Game Dynasty Warriors
Upload Date Mar 25, 2016
Length 27:03
Previous Street Fighter: THE MOVIE
Next Justice League Task Force
“Sun Tzu said, 'Rule number one, just lame it out.'.” — Matt

Dynasty Warriors is the twenty-seventh episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam take on the avatars of Cow Cow and Lube Bu so they embrace the true form of the Musou series.

About Edit

— Video Description

Quotes Edit

It's a mystery fist.
— Pat
Don't put your fist in that box.
— Liam
Tune in this week to watch the Best Friends butcher a bunch of ancient Chinese names.
— Pat
Sun Tzu said, 'Rule number one, just lame it out.'.
— Matt
It's a special costume. Tonari no Nobunaga.
— Liam
Oh, that joke was for someone.
— Pat
That joke was for somebody out there.
— Liam
An Auto-Blow would end the war,
— Woolie
Maybe Woolie's controller is the true final boss.
— Pat
Woolie, that girl could be wearing a trash bag and you would say it's pretty if it was green.
— Pat
History is written by the victor.
— Woolie
The ones who got their dicks wet.
— Matt
Clogs run from me when they hear I'm on the battlefield.
— Pat, as Lube Bu the plumber


Matt 2/2
Pat 0/3
Woolie 6/0
Liam 0/3

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