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Emporium Title
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Game Emporium
Length 31:53
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Jul 2, 2017
“Is this video game a cry for help?” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Emporium is a Super Best Friends Play episode in which Matt and Woolie explore the mind of J.Lo and discover the big list of shitty moms and tons of things that should probably be worked out in therapy.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

That's Woolie every time he gets thrown out of a place. Just a giant blood splat.
— Matt
What do you know you stupid bouncer? Fuck you!
— Woolie, drunken slurring
Street Fighter V will come back! You'll see! It's real good.
— Matt as Woolie
Capcom's not dead.
— Woolie, drunken slurring
Take me now, God.
— Woolie
No problem, Darlington.
— Matt as God
Jennifer Lopez and her copyrighted ass.
— Woolie
You know what dates really well?
— Matt
— Woolie
I'd like it if someone would compliment me and say I'm menacing sometimes, but I don't think it will happen.
— Matt
Mmmmmm... You're probably menacing to.... Zach.
— Woolie
Is this video game a cry for help?
— Woolie
It's called Emporium but it sounds like it could have been called 'Bad Mom Chronicles'.
— Woolie
Don't teach ypur mom the Kage Bushin no Jutsu.
— Woolie

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