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Enter The Matrix

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Game Enter The Matrix
Upload Date Sep 11, 2015
Length 34:43
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“Are you saying Matrix is all about Wingdings?” — Liam

Enter The Matrix is the seventeenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam hack into a shitty Matrix game in order to create super-poverty during which they disprove Wikipedia, develop new piano tech, and battle with the off-spring of Daytona Car.

About Edit

Wait what? How is this a fighting game? Shhh... you have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Look how cool the original Xbox is. If someone has made a better console, I haven't seen it.
— Matt
She created The Cow Who Will Mount the World.
— Woolie
Are you gonna be nothing or are you gonna be no one.
— Matt
Are you saying Matrix is all about Wingdings?
— Liam
Woolie, I know I've taken the 'Woolie can't read thing' a little too far, but frozenfish is not a five digit binary number.
— Pat
Pat, maybe it'll work better if you type in 'cheat'.
— Matt
Let's get hands on this bullshit before we do anything crazy like editing Wikipedia.
— Pat
Are you ready for the purpose of The Matrix multiplayer mode? We don't have to play BlazBlue for another week.
— Pat
After I beat your ass, I'll stitch it back together again.
— Woolie
Yeah, and then we can go shoot our fucking dicks off.
— Pat
The ending to Path of Neo makes more sense now.
— Pat


Matt 0/2
Pat 2/1
Woolie 2/2
Liam 3/1

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