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Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon Title
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Game Digimon Story - Cyber Sleuth
Length 1:04:30
Controller Liam, BokuNoEruption
Upload Date Apr 30, 2016
“How can you be so cute and so cool at the same time?” — Woolie
“That's what my mom says.” — BokuNoEruption
“About me.” — Matt

Enter the Gungeon is a one-off episode in which Pat shows Liam around the Gungeon as Liam blows away everything and makes Pat look terrible. Then some new warriors join the tournament as Matt, Woolie, and special guest BokuNoEruption attempt to usurp Pat's position in the Zaibatsu.


Pat, Liam, Woolie, Matt and Austin "Texas Man" Eruption enter the Gungeon! Who will survive?
— Website description


Well, depending on your definition of Full LP and game.
— Pat
That's the Gorgon. I'm sorry, the Gorgun.
— Pat
I hate you, Liam. Why are you so young and so good at video games?
— Pat
There's another one that I found that was Barrel of Fish that did okay damage but it had a chance to stun and dizzy guys if it hit them. So I hit the boss with it and I... ehh... it didn't work on the boss.
— Pat
I found a jellyfish.
— Liam
Talk to him! Whoa!
— Pat
Austin is here and he's just like, 'Ah you guys played Enter the Gungeon huh? How much did you play it?' and I was like, 'I dunno, like five to thirty minutes.', and Woolie's like, 'I played it, like a year ago.', and Austin's like, 'I've spent five-thousand hours playing this game.'.
— Matt
Five-thousand hours of my whole life. I actually went into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to play this game, specifically.
— BokuNoEruption
The boss of this level is Levar Burton.
— Matt
Zootopia first person shooter.
— BokuNoEruption
How can you be so cute and so cool at the same time?
— Woolie
That's what my mom says.
— BokuNoEruption
About me.
— Matt
Not the bees!
— BokuNoEruption
You're basically Oprah.
— Matt


  • The title card art was made by a Dodge Roll employee.

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