Eric Sparrow
“Eric, what the fuck is wrong with you?” — Woolie

Eric Sparrow is a main character in Tony Hawk's Underground. He can be basically described as Griffith to the main character's Guts.


Eric and Lil' Woolz were childhood friends while living in their hometown in New Jersey. At first Eric seemed to be your normal "cocky knucklehead" kinda guy, but he reveals the first signs of his inner douchebag by torching the drug dealers' cars, causing him and Woolz to bail out, kill a police officer with Woolie's sick grinding and escape to New York. To get sponsored, Eric set a taxi ablaze and made Lil' Woolz make sick tricks over it. After that Eric manages to sign himself and Woolie up for a skateboarding contest and kill 10 billion Tampa cops, but it turned out he actually didn't mention Woolie at all and stabbed him in the back. After Eric filmed Woolz doing sick tricks over the helicopter in Hawaii, he cut his part and put himself in the pro contest in Vancouver, but Woolie still won in the end. After that a drunk Eric hi-jacked a tank in Moscow and managed to get away with it, becoming a member of the Godhand, while Woolie was left to rot in Russian prison. But after Woolz manages to come back, Eric taunts him with a tape filmed in Hawaii and challenged him to a skating duel, but he was beaten like a bitch and left in a ditch.


I'm Pyro!
— Matt as Eric
I fuckin' hate this kid.
— Woolie
They have Eric in the back room, and they're doing the Casino Royale ball-smashing in the background... and Eric's like "Hey, this is crazy!".
— Matt
People always ask me, like, "Why is Eric Sparrow such a fuckin' cock?".
— Matt
I could've sworn that Eric signed up with Behelit Skateboards.
— Woolie
Yeah, I was thinking that too.
— Matt
Y'know, I'm pretty sure that video they showed of him doing a sick-ass Darkslide to the castle in the sky kinda convinced him.
— Woolie
Don't trust him, he's gonna plow a princess. I'm gonna kill a little boy.
— Woolie
Okay, he's creating fire! Dude, this is what happens when he becomes part of the Godhand!
— Woolie
The number one unforgiveable of all time, the greatest villain history has never known... Eric fuckin' Sparrow! May no one remember your name.
— Woolie


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