This is an extended page of the Escape from Bug Island (Shitstorm 3: Shittribution) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Nothing like after a long week of fighting Eldritch horrors that we unwind by fighting cock-blocking douchebags and monsters even scarier than old gods. Because these are bugs. Bugs are gross.
— Part one
Wait what? There's giant gorillas in this? Okay? But like, isn't this island name inaccurate now? Shouldn't it be, "Escape From Bug/Gorilla Island"?
— Part two
Just stick your fucking hang into this pulsating pile of maggots! Why not? Plague of Gripes does that shit all the time like it was nothing!
— Part three
FUCK THESE STUPID ANT BOMBS! Why has nature conspired against me like this?
— Part four
Oh lovely, just perfect! Danky, stinky caves that smell really bad. Although, I think all our adventures in the Woolie hole will have given us the experience to survive in such an environment.
— Part five
— Part six
Well, that's as far as we got! And we even used time travel to get here! We've gone all the way back in time a few hours! To fight even more giant bugs!
— Part seven
We're back to Bug Island! Why? Why? Whyyyy? What, am I bugging you? Hah, bugs.
— Part eight
That's it I'm outta here this game is too buggy for my tastes. Bugs. Hah. Hah bugs.
— Part nine Final

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