This is an extended page of the Eternal Darkness "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Holy shit! Dennis Dyack’s one accomplishment in life! Poor Dennis. The Best Friends will see it through and persevere through this Lovecraftian nightmare!
— Part one
Mantorok reveals himself to be metal as shit, right after Pious proves himself the King of bad decisions!
— Part two
We finish off Ellia’s weird cambodian corpse god adventure, and move onto our good friend Tony’s zombie quest to save our bro Charlemagne!
— Part three
We help Tony get to the bottom of all this weird religious bullshit!
— Part four
Man fuck bathrooms in horror games.
— Part five
— Part six
We survived the horrible fire, only to become more and more insane! Things ain’t lookin too good for Roivas and Company.
— Part seven
I agree with Michael Bell. MAY THE RATS EAT YOUR EYES! I guess.
— Part eight
Yknow what? Maybe Matt was right this time.
— Part nine
Yknow, I really do appreciate you insanity shotgun.
— Part ten
Mantorok turns out to be a real bro-dawg, but his powers might be a little…flat.
— Part eleven
Oh Matt, why did I let you play this part?
— Part twelve
— Part thirteen
Paul Luther is a big dumb buttlord!
— Part fourteen
Pious continues his quest to be the most jerkish asshole ever while dressing up, and Alex really starts losing her shit!
— Part fifteen
Oh my god. I’m so stupid. I’m so god damn stupid. Oh Mantorok, shelter me in your corpsey bosom.
— Part sixteen
Not as dumb as last week…but still pretty dumb.
— Part seventeen
Dennis Dyack sticks his dick in history, and Matt gets schooled about how war has or has not changed.
— Part eighteen
Time to fuck up some dirtbag bonethieves and dodge Pious’ bone missles or some shit. I’m the best at accents, too.
— Part nineteen
Fuck you Black Guardian! I totally know how to beat you!
— Part twenty
Listen to the story of the colossal fuck ups regarding this episode, oh, you’re in for a treat. Also we fight a boss and do some shit whatever.
— Part twenty-one
Oh my god we’re fighting Ulyaoths fucking predator tribute rockstar monster.
— Part twenty-two
Sometimes I wish Pious would just show up so I could kick his fucking teeth in. Today is one of those days. Also, we go to some magic city I guess. Ulyaoths bros have opened up a hot dog stand there.
— Part twenty-three
This is the biggest god damn magic fucking thing I can ever remember turning on. And I barely know how it works. Also, FUCK THAT STUPID WALL YEAH.
— Part twenty-four
We learn about Peter Stillmans part time job as a warfirefighter and get fucking lost as shit. Also, fireaxes once again.
— Part twenty-five
Being lost doesn’t mean shit long as we got the tome of eternal darkness and this fuckin fireaxe. We also learn the joy of cooking insanity bombs, and get stuck on an easy puzzle for like forever.
— Part twenty-six
An unexplained super package, and we finally solve the observatory puzzle? Oh Pious, we’re coming for you. I’m going to beat your stupid ass and it’s going to be so satisfying.
— Part twenty-seven
Giant monster kaiju battles in fuckin space and FUCK YOU PIOUS EAT SHIT. WOOOO! BEAT YOUR ASS INTO THE GROUND. I got my own chinese ghost army this time!
— Part twenty-eight Final

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