Super Best Friends Drift

FAST Racing Neo

Fast Racing Title
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Game FAST Racing Neo
Length 31:48
Controller Matt, Liam
Upload Date Dec 24, 2015
“You get a contract that says you can now be Punch-Out!! levels of racist to us.” — Matt

FAST Racing Neo is a Super Best Friends Drift episode in which Matt and Liam play the spiritual successor to F-Zero while they lament the semi-death of F-Zero.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Press any button on your DK Bongos. That's my preferred controller.
— Liam
Shout outs to Spark Unlimited. They made Yaiba.
— Liam
I think they're dead now.
— Matt
Did you ever play Konami's Fatal Inertia?
— Liam
I tested it. It was terrible.
— Matt
I'm allowed to say that stuff because I married into the family. You get a contract that says you can now be Punch-Out!! levels of racist to us.
— Matt
There needs to be a racing game with rappers. Def Jam Kart.
— Matt
I'd take those words and rub them all over my face.
— Liam
I love seeing other people eat shit right in front of you.
— Matt
Yeah, 'cause that's the taste of victory.
— Liam



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