New Super Best Friends Play

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Title
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Game Fallout 4
Season 10
Episode 4
Length 16:52
Upload Date Nov 29, 2015; Nov, 24, 2016 (re-upload)
Controller Pat
Previous Yoshi's Wooly World
Next WWE 2K16
“Your baby punching perk is primed and active.” — Matt

New Super Best Friends Play Fallout 4 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat try to save the Fuckface family from the nuclear holocaust by making use of Oingo's stand, teaching their son to avoid mobile games, desecrating the corpses of The Punisher's family, calculating the game's 'time to dog', and beginning construction of Patschwitz.


Irradiated from the massive amount of nuclear fallout being thrown all over the place? No worries, I’m sure you only caught a little whiff of it! Everything is fine!
— Website description


I expect no bugs.
— Matt
That kid looks like me when I was that age and then the nukes fell on me and I became what I am.
— Matt
I became a coward ghoul.
— Pat
Your baby punching perk is primed and active.
— Matt
Just get out of my fucking face, salesman. I don't want Bell internet.
— Pat
No, we're all pre-order babies. Would you like to have a protection plan on your baby?
— Pat
Uhh, no. It's just for three dollars, though.
— Matt
Yeah, well, it's not worth it.
— Pat
Man, the first eighteen years of this season pass are gonna be rough.
— Matt
You're fighting all these roaches and they're like, 'Cut my life into pieces!'.
— Matt
It's like, bloatfly or Woolie. Just gross names.
— Matt
— Pat
Liam. Matt.
— Matt
Patrick. Patrick's a disgusting name.
— Pat
Man did you see Deathclaw last night? Fucking good show.
— Matt
He ate four people on stage.
— Pat
No one can see how fucked up Fuckface's fuck face is.
— Pat


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