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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Title
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Game Far Cry 4
Season 9
Episode 6
Length 18:51
Upload Date Nov 23, 2014
Previous The Evil Within
Next WWE 2K15

For the Co-Op gameplay video, see Far Cry 4 Co-Op Stupidity!

“Yeah, maybe a leopard will start climbing in there and start piloting the helicopter.” — Matt

Far Cry 4 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat take Paul Bearer's ashes to Skyrim and avoid catching raging elephant disease, do sick jumps over monkey brains, push tiny net DLC and Far Cry Nebraska, and attack helicopter with fire leopards.


We have an absolute BLAST playing Far Cry 4! ELEPHAAAANTS!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

Now I hide under a truck to kill John Leguizamo.
— Pat
YOu would do that anyway.
— Matt
Oh god, would I.
— Pat
Nooooooo... Guard Number Two!
— Matt
Golden Path sounds like one of those websites we shouldn't go to.
— Matt
Oh no, my boner's dislocated.
— Pat
Pretend you're playing Friday the 13th NES and just whip rocks in a bad arc.
— Matt
Sick Indy nose-bone bear combo!
— Matt
I got a Maxipad. It was worth six grand.
— Pat
Those are a delicacy in Tibet.
— Matt
He died doing what he loved though. Chomping on men's balls.
— Matt
Jessica! Quit cheating on the T-100 with me!
— Matt
Well it's like, what would Spider-Man's life be like if he had Spider Sense but no spider agility, where he knew about every single thing bad that was gonna happen to him, but he didn't have the ability to stop... ah shit.
— Pat
Y'know what, if I throw bait where that thing touches down...
— Pat
Yeah, maybe a leopard will start climbing in there and start piloting the helicopter.
— Matt
No one can defeat the fire leopard!
— Pat


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