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Game Far Cry Primal
Length 41:24
Controller Matt
Upload Date Mar 7, 2016
“Have you heard of those fuckers up in the north who found purple?” — Matt

Best Friends Play Far Cry Primal is a one-off video in which Matt and Woolie must save their luxurious caveman cave from the Iggy Azalea tribe with the help from the strongest animal known to man: the noble Badger.


Me Matt, he Woolie! We play new game by ug...find many bugs we will! We have uh uh...BADGER FRIEND! He is greatest animal god of all!
— Video Description


Did Jesus ride a sabertooth tiger? Maybe. I don't know. There are two schools of thought and they're both awesome.
— Matt
People only started to learn how to become hot in the sixties, and that was only women.
— Matt
It should be B.E., before Ezio.
— Matt
You shit-asses. Be fair.
— Woolie to a sabertooth tiger
Some 10,000 B.C. races tell of an ancient god who swoops down from the sky and makes time go faster. They call him Ooga Ooga Snip-Snip.
— Matt
Hey fresh meat, get over here. Oh, shit! Is that a badger?
— Woolie as a sabertooth tiger
Have you heard of those fuckers up in the north who found purple?
— Matt
Invent porn right now!
— Woolie


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