Two Best Friends Play:

Fast & Furious Showdown

Fast & furious showdown
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Game Fast & Furious: Showdown
Season 7
Episode 8
Length 11:24
Upload Date Jun 2, 2013
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Walking Dead Survival Instinct
Next Remember Me
“You heard it here first, folks. Two Best Friends ain't nothin' to fuck with, I guess.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Fast & Furious Showdown is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat get hyped over PT Cruisers, can't tell the difference between a girl and Danny Trejo, become telepathically linked through the power of Christ, and watch as Woolie jumps to his death.


We are the most fast and furious mother fuckers like, ever. So yeah.
— Website description



PT cruiser showdown motherfuck-
— Matt
These intense gangster rap lyrics deeply affect me as a white, suburban male living in a first world country.
— Pat
Criterion, eat your heart out. You didn't have a big dumb safe mission.
— Pat
Jesus love fast cars!
— Pat


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