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Fatal Fury – The Movie

Fatal Movie Title
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Game Fatal Fury: The Movie
Length 1:35:31
Upload Date Nov 24, 2015
“When I see a bitch I wanna be able to turn her upside down and tell the time.” — Pat

Best Friends Watch Fatal Fury – The Movie is a one-off Super Best Friends Watch episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam avoid shitting their pants, getting Pat's cold, and watching the King of Fighters movie.


The Zaibatsu sit down to watch what is considered by many, the pinnacle of all Anime. Will you be okay?
— Website description

Quotes Edit

If ever I call you guys up and I'm like, 'I can't make it.', no explanation, no comment, it's because I shit my pants. It feels inevitable.
— Pat
There's Kim's wife, Birther of Heroes.
— Pat
This is my favorite part of the whole movie.
— Pat
Yeah, no, I've masturbated to this scene.
— Matt
Hey Terry, what's that over there? Is that the script?
— Matt
No, that's Joe's banana hammock.
— Pat
He can bust my wolf anytime.
— Woolie
She has a wrapped towel going around her rectal area.
— Matt
That's hot.
— Pat
When I see a bitch I wanna be able to turn her upside down and tell the time.
— Pat
Siberian Huskies with heterochromia, I'll marry you.
— Matt
You don't need a home when you have a duffle bag, man.
— Woolie
I wanna go to a club and buy a hundred strippers. Fuck you, I'm gonna do it. I'm a martial arts master.
— Pat
You gotta have sex to get rid of the poison.
— Woolie


  • The song used for the intro is "Oh Angel" from the Fatal Fury Soundtrack.

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