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Fatal Fury Final

Fatal Fury Final Title
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Game Fatal Fury Final
Length 52:31
Controller Matt and Woolie (Co-Op)
Upload Date Mar 8, 2015
“So it seems that South Town is just a collection of boxes and store fronts.” — Matt

Best Friends Beat 'Em Up - Fatal Fury Final is the eighth game to be played in the Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups series. In this installment, Matt and Woolie Rising Tackle their way through South Town in a beat 'em up remake of the original Fatal Fury as they fight to end Geese Howard's ambition and understand the horrible Italian Engrish.


"REVENGE BY DEATH: South Town a place where and desires thrive. Only the strong survive tomorrow while. The dreams of the weak torn apart and left for dead. This is the town's only law."
— Website description


They have the same quality of Engrish, but I'm getting used to the Engrish of Japan.
— Woolie
So it seems that South Town is just a collection of boxes and store fronts.
— Matt
Terry's getting hot! One might say that he's... that he's...
— Woolie
— Both
Remember kids, when you're walking through South Town, sometimes you just need to KICKBACK!
— Woolie
Dude, we have to take the audio from Robert Burleigh Will Ferrell and put it over cutscenes of Geese.
— Matt

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