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Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

SMSL Fatal Fury
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Game Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
Upload Date Mar 13, 2015
Length 39:46
Previous Wu Tang Shaolin Style
Next Tobal #1
“A dick in a butt is as legit as it gets, right Liam?” — Woolie

Fatal Fury Wild Ambition is the seventh episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam seek revenge on Geese Goulet for murdering their father. as they discuss the profit margins of hunger factories.

About Edit

Devastatingly hurt wolves smeared with wickedness, their howling cry echo in the town! SHIT DAMN!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Motherfuckers, put your controllers down!
— Woolie
How hard are you throwing a tomato that it goes through the window?
— Pat
Oh, look at that guy. Look at how cool he is.
— Matt
He hasn't changed his clothes in twenty years.
— Liam
Terry, don't you want a new jacket? "My dad died in a kung-fu battle!".
— Pat
A dick in a butt is as legit as it gets, right Liam?
— Woolie
It's still better than Street Fighter EX.
— Matt
No one will argue.
— Pat
The way he gets owned in front of kids, what a badass.
— Woolie
If I have to pretzel, then I will be happy.
— Pat
Do you guys wanna invest in my hunger factories?
— Woolie
Geese sacrifices South Town for more time on the clock.
— Matt
Terry Bogard is walking down the street of Local Town, Canada and he looks at a bird on the street, and he goes "Geese!" and then he fights the bird.
— Pat
I thought you were gonna say a time in your life when you needed a big man to hold you.
— Liam
No, that's a different time. That's now.
— Pat
Every time his moves get cooler, he becomes more of a virgin.
— Woolie about Andy Bogard
Woolie wasn't confused, he was wrong!
— Pat


Matt 2/2
Pat 3/0
Woolie 0/3
Liam 2/2

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