Fight Club

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Game Fight Club
Length 13:12
Upload Date Jan 5, 2013
Winner Woolie
Next Tournament of Legends
Previous Shaq Fu
“At least this is better than Street Fighter X Tekken.” — Matt

Scrublords - Fight Club is a Scrublords episode that has Matt and Woolie continuing the tournament in the world of underground combat, well the kind based off the movie. Between Fred Durst, Bitch Tits Bob and Carl Winslow the entire experience brings back fond memories of the 90's, when everyone was cool. Woolie was just barely able to overcome Matt three games to two with Robert Paulson, Angel Face and Fred Durst pulling out victories for Team Woolie.

Quotes Edit

Why is there not a Limp Bizkit world in the new Kingdom Hearts?
— Matt
Pat's Mom just making appearances in all games.
— Matt on Robert Paulson
Oh Fred! That's alright. You'll win that Grammy next year.
— Matt
This was your movie, not you, but everyone like you. White teenage kids fucking ate that shit up. You walked out of the theaters and then listened to some Rage Against the Machine and just stared at everybody on the bus like "are we going to do this?"
— Woolie
Why do you keep breaking me, man? I got to drive my kids to soccer practice right now.
— Matt
Alright, so let's do it. Ken Vs. Ryu! The eternal rival!
— Woolie on a Jack/Tyler matchup
Scrublords is not real. It's been Matt on a couch all along.
— Woolie
— Matt and Woolie
Yeah, Bitch! Into the wall I go!
— Woolie on winning

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