Super Best Friends Boxing: THE FIGHTING

Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Title
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Game Fight Night: Round 3
Length 40:38
Upload Date Dec 28, 2014
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Ready 2 Rumble
Next Black & Bruised
“This is basically Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots with famous boxers.” — Pat

Fight Night Round 3 is the second episode in the Super Best Friends Boxing: The Fighting series. In this video, Matt and Pat play the only boxing game that isn't a Punch-Out!! clone and get Muhammad Ali a Burger King sponsorship, activate their Naruto techniques, accidentally taunt each other, and try to hug it out for a peaceful resolution.


Boxing video games doesn't mean you only have to punch cartoon stereotypes in the face! You can punch realistically depicted people too!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

To be fair, Foreman deserved it because Foreman kept throwing those grills.
— Matt
This is basically Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots with famous boxers.
— Pat
Okay, Ali, you need to just stuff your face with chocolate. It's the only way!
— Matt
Have it your way! EA Sports!
— Matt
— Pat
Oh my head holes. They don't feel good.
— Matt
Did you just taunt me?
— Pat
I.. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry sir.
— Matt
If you don't want your wife to chase you with a golf club, be careful where you stick it. It's a very simple concept.
— Pat
If we work together we could box anyone in the world.
— Matt


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