“No one cares about Fighterpedia, not even me.” — Matt

Fighterpedia is a show hosted by Matt and Woolie on the Machinima channel. In this series, they present facts and trivia about fighting games. A spin-off of this show, Scrublords, features Matt and Woolie playing fighting games, not unlike Super Best Friends Brawl, just without Pat.

All episodes can be viewed here.

Episodes Edit

  1. Rejected Street Fighters
  2. Top 7 Best & Worst Fighting Game Stages
  3. Southtown vs. Metro City
  5. The History of Fatalities
  6. Play Weaponlord Immediately
  7. It's Skullgirls baybee!
  8. Street Fighter The Movie: WTF Happened?
  9. More DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken?
  10. The Arcade Stick: A Gentleman's Guide
  11. Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter: How it should happen
  12. Is Smash Bros a fighting game?
  13. Daigo vs Woolie: PAYBACK!

Trivia Edit

  • The intro, which includes the words "everybody rumored", was based off of the hype from the intro of Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro, as stated in episode three of the Viewtiful Joe playthrough.
  • Woolie stated in episode twelve of the Super Best Friendcast that the reason Fighterpedia isn't being made anymore is that it took too much time and effort to make. Additionally, Matt just says that the show sucked and no one liked it, including him. That's probably the real reason.
  • The show also introduces the legendary warrior who would become a pillar of the Best Friends lore, Zubaz
  • It was revealed in the Street Fighter 4 Vanilla episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs that the entirety of Fighterpedia was recorded with an iPhone.

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