Godzilla Week

Day #3 - Fighting Hype!

Godzilla Week Fighting Game Hype
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Game Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen and Godzilla Domination
Length 34:26
Date May 14, 2014
Previous Nintendo Rampage!
Next Maximum Destruction!
“Kill the survivors; get that meter.” — Woolie

Godzilla Week Day #3 - Fighting Hype! is the third episode of Godzilla Week.

About Edit

What do Kaijuu do best? FIGHT!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Now Matt, in the kaiju world, sometimes my hips need guiding.
I'm gonna stay with the big G-spot.
Your gods will be desecrated.
— Woolie
My systems are to resuscitate me back to life.
— Woolie
Stay free Butterfree!
— Matt
I don't even know why we're explaining systems.
— Matt
Hey, you know seventy-five percent of the screen? I own it when that shit comes out!
— Matt
All the robotic ladies of Japan are mine!
— Matt
It's okay Rodan, I'm a coward too.
— Matt
No, the heel turn! It was Rodan, Godzilla! It was Rodan all along!
— Woolie
The most bumbling protector Japan has ever seen.
— Woolie
Kill the survivors; get that meter.
— Woolie

Gallery Edit

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