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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 Title Card
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Game Final Fantasy 8
Length 44:46
Controller Liam
Upload Date May 24, 2014
“This is probably the worst idea we've ever had.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Final Fantasy 8 is a one-off episode in which Woolie and Liam play all of Final Fantasy 8, except for the unimportant parts.

About Edit

In the interest of time, we've edited out all non-important parts of the game.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

This is probably the worst idea we've ever had.
— Liam
She's super evil you guys. She's got the mascara to prove it.
— Woolie
Let me show you my trap cards.
— Liam
We'll wreck that cat.
— Liam
Life's like a box a chocolates. Sometimes you get one that's a fist to the face... and it's ours.
— Liam
We back down super hard from the old people.
— Woolie
You printin' cards!? Get out of my town!!!
— Liam
Fuck your problems, play through the tears!
— Woolie
Your girlfriend is dead, because YO' shitty at cards, hahaha!
— Woolie
Hey Ultimecia... you wanna play Triple Triad?
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video to feature the combination of Woolie and Liam and as such, is the first one to not have Matt or Pat in it. With this video, there has now been at least one video for every combination in the Zaibatsu.
  • Responding to a Friendcast e-mail, Woolie stated that if he had to keep one LP on the channel (as opposed to deleting another), it would be Final Fantasy 8 because it was "balls-to-the-wall fun".

Gallery Edit

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