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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 Title
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Game Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Season 9
Episode 14
Length 17:02
Upload Date Mar 21, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Next Xbox Live Indie Games VI
“ We brought Schindler's List out of the Disney vault!” — Pat

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Liam get birthed out the back of a robo-chocobo, throw up on aggressive motion blur, protect their High School from giant monster dogs and shake buckets of chocobos.

About Edit

Make sure that Ultimate Warrior Babies don't run out of vaginas, shaking the umbilical cords, kupo!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

For a second, I thought this game was saying there was a character named Visual, and I wouldn't have batted an eye.
— Matt
Yeah! Chocobos just ripping up people's intestines? I'm down with that.
— Matt
I'm super down with that. Their beaks are made for murder.
— Pat
Y'know what? If a chocobo and a cuccoo had sex, we'd be fucked. Just a master race of death birds.
— Matt
Oops, we thrusted with a Final Fantasy VII tech demo. Better pull that back out.
— Liam
Schindler's List HD!
— Matt
Remastered! We brought Schindler's List out of the Disney vault!
— Pat
Yeah, if I feathered all the hair around my baldness.
— Pat
Look at me when I skull fuck you, kupo!
— Matt
Oh man, we had him at that keger. He wouldn't leave. He was making out with Shiva all night.
— Matt about Odin
His horse kept doing keg stands.
— Liam
Your anus is really responding to the laser, kupo. Hey kids, if you're making love with your SO, always end whatever you say with "kupo". You'll have a laugh.
— Matt
You can really taste the chutney, kupo.
— Pat
I'm the pull-out king, kupo.
— Matt
Hey, come on. Some people are born with PSP faces, they can't help it.
— Liam


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