Super Best Friends Play

Final Fantasy XII

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Game Final Fantasy XII
Season 12
Episode 8
Length 13:21
Upload Date Jul 23, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Life of Black Tiger
Next The Long Dark
“Balls deep into Balthier.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Final Fantasy XII is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat make like The Flash through a deluge of FMV splooge and Star Wars rejects in their never ending search for non-flammable Chocobos and a toilet.


Matt and Pat brave the disgusting world of Ivalice and all it's gross monsters, but now in 4x the speed!
— Video description


I spent so long playing this and spent so long never finishing it ever.
— Matt
They look like siblings. They must be in love.
— Pat
They must be Japanime.
— Matt
I find it a little disturbing that in Final Fantasy you can't find a toilet.
— Pat
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that chocobos like being on fire.
— Matt
They love it. Especially the red ones.
— Pat
Stand on top of this FMV building and see who can ejaculate the farthest FMV from your FMV dick, and it landed on us, the populace, and we were glad to have it.
— Pat
With mouths wide open.
— Matt
He looks like he was made in a Final Fantasy generator.
— Matt
Oh god. Oh god! The Japanese-ness!
— Matt
And remember Vaan, the Al Bhed are an inferior race.
— Matt
Oh no, it's the evil tomato wearing a suit.
— Pat
That amazing Final Fantasy legendary creature.
— Matt
It's terrorizing us.
— Pat
Yeah, I think, I believe it's called Bahamut.
— Matt
Balls deep into Balthier.
— Matt

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