Best Friends Play

Final Fantasy XIV

Watch part one on the website or on YouTube

Watch part two on the website or on Youtube

Game Final Fantasy XIV
Episodes 2
Combined Length 02:03:16
Original Run Oct 20, 2015 - Oct 22, 2015
Controller Liam

Best Friends Play Final Fantasy XIV is a two-part video series in which Pat and Liam get paid to drag a potato monster through a fantasy MMO.

About Edit

So you kids wanna hear about MMOs?
— Part one
So we'll be showin off the end of our time with Potatord, and some later stuff from the end of 2.0. Hope y'all think it's cool, so that I can justify the absurd amount of hours I've spent on this game.
— Part two

Quotes Edit

Final Fantasy XIV? I thought that place got blown up by a big old magic strike.
I burst out laughing when we got this offer.
Cause little did they know, they'd be paying for Pat's subscription for the next ten years.
Ah you're faking it up real good you shill-ass piece of shit.
So you've got humans, bigger humans, cat people, potato pieces of shit, I hate them. I hate them so much.
I'm a level one potatord. That's a potato lord.
That'd be like if you were voting for a governor and it told you what crime family the belong to.
Bad DPS will just stand in it.
Oh, like what's his face that made that Mario Maker level.
Yeah, Drey. Drey would just stand in it right hear and he'd be like, 'Ohhh... I'm a black mage and I can't move 'cause of monokey(?) and I'm so stupid.'.
You can't go on dates with story characters 'cause they might disappear from the story.
Liam, I wanna start calling you Potatord.
My name is Rocky.


  • This video series was sponsored by FFXIV Online. It is unknown if FFXIV Online knew that Pat was basically already sponsoring them for free before they contacted the Best Friends Zaibatsu.
  • These episodes were recorded on October 6th, 2015 according to Pat checking the date on his phone.


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