This is an extended page of the Final Fight Streetwise "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Here we go again! The Best Friends (and Woolie) get stuck in Metro City, will they be able to navigate through the endless hobos and hookers?
— Part one
Metro City turns out to be a real hive of scum and villainy as the Best Friends (and Woolie) encounter cockroaches and sleaze kings.
— Part two
The Best Friends (and Woolie) fight some cars and ride the subway! Metro City is the worst.
— Part three
The Best Friends(and Woolie) continue to fuck up prostitutes, dogs and drug addicts in the worst hotel ever!
— Part four
The Best Friends continue to fight this fucking piece of shit boss god damnit this boss is fucking stupid garbage.
— Part five
Best Friends are back without Woolie. He’s too busy training to get his ass beat. Anyway, the Best Friends continue to try and find Cody, running into a bunch of bullshit in Little Italy.
— Part six
The Best Friends go see a fortune teller and then run into the greatest elected official of all time.
— Part seven
The Best Friends continue their journey through metro city, and end up finding an old adversary.
— Part eight
The Best Friends take a trip to Japantown and meet Guy and some ninjas! Then some dumb bullshit happens!
— Part nine
I’m really good at videogames and Matt is retarded for not remembering the dodge move. Also Streetwise has awful saves. And we fight with Guy or some bullshit!
— Part ten
God damn this fucking game there’s rats and they’re on glow or some garbage I dunno. Plus we fight some bosses!
— Part eleven
Metro City is pretty fucked, but the Best Friends persevere, fighting tons of dudes and finding out where the Glow is coming from!
— Part twelve
THE FUCKING STIFF IS BACK ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Also the Best Friends try and save Kyles hood from the Glow epidemic!
— Part thirteen
The Best Friends are back, and ready to take on the worst escort mission of all time! Holy shit this stuff is crappy!
— Part fourteen
This mission is literally killing me inside. But the end is in sight! OR IS IT?!
— Part fifteen
With the escort mission behind them, it’s up to the Best Friends to take down Bella and his 4 horsemen of the drugpocalypse! Wait what?
— Part sixteen
Famine and Pestilence are in the Best Friends way, and man, is one stupid and the other cool!
— Part seventeen
Whoo! I did it! Go me! I beat Streetwise!
— Part eighteen

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