Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups

Final Fight 3

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Game Final Fight 3
Episodes 2
Original Run Sep 7, 2013 - Sep 9, 2013
Controller Matt and Woolie (Co-op)
“You know Matt, I do believe it's high time we returned urine-soaked streets of Metro City.” — Matt

Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups - Final Fight 3 is a two-part LP, and the third game to be played in the Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups series, in which Matt and Woolie return to the urine-soaked streets of Metro City.


In case you can’t tell…I REALLY LIKE FINAL FIGHT, YOU GUYS!
— Website description (Part one)
We continue through the pee-pee soaked streets of Metro City!
— Website description (Part two)

Quotes Edit

You know Matt, I do believe it's high time we returned urine-soaked streets of Metro City.
— Woolie
So we just fought our way to the gas station, beat up a cop....
— Woolie
That's how Metro City goes!
— Matt
There's a food store with hod dogs on it, and we can't go in and get normal food because we gotta eat it off the streets.
— Woolie
Callman isn't the fifth character in Ultra Street Fighter, I can fuckin' tell you that for free!
— Matt
Scrap dunking midgets all over the place!
— Woolie
I know a lot about this game.
— Matt
Fighting over pizzas is a failure of the game developer.
— Matt
Do you go into the bog of Pat's loneliness, or do you go into the forest of everlasting... Matt's Awesometude!
— Matt
I'm gonna reveal some hard truths here. When someone makes up a lie about another Best Friend person, like Woolie steals pies and murders people on a football field, that's a character trait that we can now make a shirt about!
— Matt
This fuckin' elevator full of midgets is pissing me off!
— Woolie
When are we gonna start our Home Improvement Super Nintendo playthrough?
— Matt
And now a shower of urine washes the city street clean.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups series that does not involve the four Best Friends. Matt explains that this is because Pat doesn't know a whole lot about Final Fight, and Liam "is a bunch of bullshit".
  • The opening intro for the Beat 'Em Up series is taken from this game.

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