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SM Scrubs Final Fight
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Game Final Fight Revenge: Violent Storm Rising
Upload Date Jan 9, 2015
Length 32:48
Previous Battle Construction Vehicles
Next Evil Zone

For Matt's original look into this game, see Classics Capcom Wants to Forget: Final Fight Revenge

“Did every modern day fighting game steal everything from this?” — Matt

Final Fight Revenge is the second episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play another flawlessly made Final Fight game as they arrest the people who pay them, struggle to learn how to pick up weapons, get serious grass burns, and complain about balancing.

About Edit

God dammit. Fine let's play this shit.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

How much did you pay for this?
— Liam
So much that we have to do a video with it to pay it off.
— Matt
This hood lasts into the infinity!
— Woolie
The most iconic beat 'em up gets the most iconic fighting game.
— Matt
What are we doing with our lives?
— Pat
The big fist did not prevail.
— Woolie
Why can't I be in Final Fight Revenge, as the tiny ginger?
— Pat
When is the time someone would say, "Get a freeze gun." and someone would say, "No."?
— Matt
I knocked the weapon out of your hands.
— Woolie
Yeah? I'm gonna knock your shit out of your ass.
— Pat
Somebody wanna give me big ups for the worst joke we've ever said on this show?
— Pat
Okay perfect excuse me.
— Pat
See what I mean?
— Woolie
Did every modern day fighting game steal everything from this?
— Matt


Matt 0/4
Pat 5/2
Woolie 5/1
Liam 0/3

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