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Two Best Friends Play:

Final Fight Streetwise

Final Fight Streetwise
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Game Final Fight: Streetwise
Episodes 18
Combined Length 6:39:12
Original Run Jun 3, 2012 - Aug 28, 2012
Controller Pat
“I'm killing myself via Streetwise.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Final Fight Streetwise is a full Let's Play in which Matt, Pat, and initially Woolie, stomp horrible mutant rats, hang out with Mike Haggar, fight drug-induced zombies and get punked by The Stiff more than once in an unending quest for streetwisdom.

About Edit

Watch as Pat struggles to survive in Metro City.
— Playlist description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Final Fight Streetwise Descriptions page.


I want a game where you can get food stamps; that's what I want.
I just pawn it to magic land.
Reminds me of the good ol' days of Downpour.
These guys are wearing suits and ties. That probably means they're villains.
But more importantly... that PS2 butt.
Hey, I bet I could cosplay a mean Jagi if I could get this evil forklift goin'.
It's inverted Jar Jar Binks in Episode 1.
Woolie, on The Big Lebowski
Eye... see... you!
Pat and Woolie
Eat that bat and throw the hot dog.
Yeeeah, alright!
Pat immediately after killing prostitutes
I wish there would be like, a Pain mission like in MGS3, where you gotta fuckin' fight all the dead prostitutes you've shot along the way... and dogs.
Press X to Cody.
I guess I don't have enough streetwise.
You're having sex with a filthy gypsy. Good job Kyle.
Okay. We need 180 henchmen names.
Pat, on the name Pisstofferson
Yeah, I'm gonna go hang out with Mike Haggar! I'm having a total fanboy moment right now!
Gibraltar? You got invaded or something. I don't know. I'm bad at history.
The rats are on Glo!
See? That wasn't so hard.
Shut the fuck up!
I'm a quitter. I would quit this shit in two seconds.
Oh my god, these rats are broken tier!
Hey guys. Are you taking big dumps?
I hope everyone that made this game got herpes.
Dammit processing, why are you so blast!?
I just curb stomped myself. That's crazy.
It was crazy how much Stiff I cut out.
I can't believe the Queen would betray me like this. It's truly a travesty.
Pat doing a spot-on James Small impression
Use your focus!
I beat Streetwise!


  • Matt had said various times that Woolie claimed to beat Streetwise in one night without ever dying, but confirmed in a later video that not only was this false but that Woolie had died repeatedly, alluding that his campaign went potentially even worse then Pat's.
  • Pat dies multiple times in his attempt to beat the Stiff. (Though a large portion of these deaths were cut from the final videos and we have only the words of Matt, Pat and Woolie to go on.) This is referenced in several other videos and the unofficial number has both exponentially gone up and declined depending on how irritated Matt has been with his counterpart, going as high as 70+. Matt considers this Pat's "Fire Axe Moment."
  • This game contains the most diseased escort mission in the history of videogames, and was referenced in the first episode of Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures.
  • Even though this is a "Two Best Friends Play" series, Woolie is present for the first five episodes.
  • Due to Matt not owning an actual copy of Streetwise nor "testing" the files in order to make sure the ROM wouldn't have potential issues, some segments in-game had missing audio or textures. At the end of part 9 these issues come to a head when the game fails to load past the cutscene between Guy and Kyle Travers about heading to the formers dojo. This would later make Pat insistent upon owning everything they played either digitally or physically if possible; some titles with save or significant bug issues (such as Call of Cthulhu) would now be rendered untenable for future playthroughs following this.

Gallery Edit

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