Super Best Friends Play

For Honor

For Honor Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game For Honor
Season 11
Episode 9
Length 17:13
Upload Date Feb 19, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous Nioh
Next Berserk & The Band of The Hawk

For the Friday Night Fisticuffs episode, see For Honor (Fisticuffs)

“UPlay has no honor!” — Matt and Pat

Super Best Friends Play For Honor is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie defend their hold's stockpile of tablets so they can enjoy their memberships to


This video has no honor!
— Video description


UPlay has no honor!
— Matt and Pat
Fortunately, they don't know I am a woman. I'm proving I can do anything à la Mulan.
— Matt
As long as you get something with the observables, like XP and not just your mom's love.
— Matt
Did you catch the latest episode of 'Barely Eighteen Wenches'?
— Matt
There are only seventeen wenches here.
— Pat
Perhaps ;Poor Young Squire Boy' is more to your tastes?
— Woolie
If you've got a skull on your chest, you're the good guy.
— Woolie
At least you have friends. I didn't get any calls today.
— Matt

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