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Frankenstein Title
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Game Frankenstein
Combined Length 30:11
Original Run Nov 6, 2016
Controller Liam
“God, what's that stupid word they call Blanka in the Street Fighter Animated cartoon?” — Matt
“Jamaican.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Frankenstein is a one-off episode in which Matt and Liam retell one of the many adventures of the mighty warrior, Butt-Stained, as he, beats up Jamaicans, fights Death one-hundred times, racks up frequent flyer points, and swims with the Mermen.

About Edit

— Video description

Quotes Edit

But the emulator.. I mean arcade cabinet.. I mean NES tells us it's Frankenstein: The Monster Returns.
— Liam
What it is called is a Castlevania rip-off that just transplants Dracula with Frankenstein's Monster.
— Matt
Unlike Castlevania, this requires skill.
— Matt
God, what's that stupid word they call Blanka in the Street Fighter Animated cartoon?
— Matt
— Liam
Let me just scroll past all this porn.
— Liam
— Matt
For those who don't know what they're looking at, old games used to employ an archaic form of saving known as the password system.
— Liam
Some employed it better than others.
— Matt

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