Friendcast Mailbag! Week #1

Mailbag One Title
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Length 16:43
Date January 15, 2014
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“If a viper is in this, waiting to jump out...” — Woolie
“You will die first.” — Pat

Friendcast Mailbag! Week #1 is the first episode of the Friendcast Mailbag series.

About Edit

So many thank yous! You guys really went above and beyond expectations, and yes, we read every word you write us!
— Episode description

Quotes Edit

It's less of a mailbag and more of a mail pile.
— Pat
Actually, it was a mail garbage bag.
It's arsenic! Oh shit!
— Woolie
Uh, Steelers. Football.
— Woolie, doing a Pittsburgh accent
My storm has never been so cute!
— Woolie
Farfetch'd and Cody! Best friends forever!
— Matt
The hypest bubble wrap on Youtube!
— Matt
The gift itself is the name Eldrich.
Enough board game to kill anything that moves.
— Matt


  • Dragon Punch and Power Up energy drinks - from Vinny of Port Orange, Florida
  • A toy mouse for Zach, a (not shitty) Santa hat for Pat, a Best Friends shirt for Woolie, and sparkly candy with a letter for Liam filled with sparkles and glitter - from Tim of Deerfield, New Hampshire
  • A Tim Horton's gift card - from Andrew of Mississauga, Ontario
  • Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera CD for Pat - ordered from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society by Caleb "Shoggoth Lord" Long
  • Zubaz plushie - from Marisa [1] of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • PS1 copy of Trag and four containers of butane - from Seth
  • Cromartie High: The Movie - from Arron of Richmond, Virginia
  • Melty bead pixel art - from Corey of Jonesboro, Arizona
  • Metal Gear Solid Risk - from Eldrich of San Diego, California
  • Love letters - from Stephenie of Kingston, Toronto and Edward of U.S.A
  • Joseph Joestar figure - from Unknown, won by Pat.
  • A vintage red used Kelly Ax and Tool Co. fireman's Fire Axe - from Seth


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